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MadBid Mini Winner Interview: Sandeep and Linda

posted by Evelina wanted to launch in style, so what better way than by having a stylish brand new Mini in auction? Read the MadBid Mini Winner interview here, because you will not believe how much the auction closed for… £6.38. Yes, we are not kidding you, Sandeep won the brand new Mini worth £13,000 for £6.38. If you have any questions you would like us to ask, please feel free to send them in.


MadBid: Congratulations on winning a brand new MINI!
Sandeep: Thank you!


MadBid: How did you feel when the timer hit zero and the auction closed?
Sandeep:’Wow! Is it really me?’ This was my first reaction when I won. I had to pinch myself to believe that it’s not a dream but reality.  I made a friend of mine read the subsequent “congratulations e-mail” a couple of times before I jumped with joy. I now know what it means to be on top of the world!


MadBid: Is it true that you only got your driver’s licence 2 weeks ago?
Sandeep: It is. Having passed my practical test I really wanted to buy a car… then I came across MadBid and said to my self “why not a red MINI?”


MadBid: So how did you first hear about MadBid?
Sandeep: A colleague of mine at work recommended it to me.


MadBid: What did you first think of MadBid?
Sandeep: I could not believe the prices at first…but after I understood the concept I thought it was very attractive with the 1p increases. This gives everyone the chance to win as the price only goes up very slowly. Also, the opening hours are very good, allowing people to bid both during the day and in the evenings.


MadBid: What was the first product you bid for?
Sandeep: I placed my first bid on an iPod Shuffle – and won it!!! After that I went for the TomTom which I got for 10p. With the TomTom in the bag all I needed was a car (laughter) so I started bidding for the Mini… and the rest is history…


MadBid: What advice would you give to people new to MadBid in terms of bidding strategy?
Sandeep: I would give two pieces of advice: (1) have patience (2) use autobids in a smart way:


The key is to wait and follow the auctions very closely. Try to understand how the other bidders are behaving.


Autobid is a great tool and it can be used in many ways. One is to exhaust competitors – as I did on the Mini auction. I ended up wining the Mini on autobids so that tactic worked for me!


MadBid: Any other advice you would like to give other MadBidders?
Sandeep:Be smart about your bidding. I always set up a maximum limit of how much I am willing to spend on a particular product. This way I always have a budget which I don’t exceed.


MadBid: What other products would you like to see on MadBid?
Sandeep: Well, I would like to see more SLR cameras and maybe some home appliances.


MadBid: Finally, remember to drive carefully in your new car!
Sandeep: I will. At least I won’t get lost as I will have my TomTom with me too!


After the first Mini Sold, MadBid couldn’t wait to get another one in the auctions. So we didn’t waist any time, we contacted the guys over at Daily Mirror to see if they would help us promote the auction. With the partnership sealed the auction was all set! So you are probably wondering who the lucky winner was? Linda! But wait there is more! MadBid loved working with the Mirror, so we carried on the auction fun by also getting the nation into the Christmas spirit with a £10k Christmas Cash auction.


madbid auction winner



Congratulations for winning the Mini, Linda! What was your first reaction when you heard that you were the winner?

Well, at first I just did not believe it was true, and then I got a phone call telling me that I had won it. A few times I said to the person that called me: “yeah right, it’s me…” She insisted that I was the winner and finally she convinced me. I was absolutely amazed.


I did not want to talk about it at work, as I was doubtful that the car would ever arrive.


Once the lorry had delivered the beautiful Mini to our back yard then I was sure. I had won my favourite car!


So what is it with you and Mini’s?

Well, I used to have a Mini when I was younger. The problem was that it the interior got wet  when it was raining. This new Mini is a completely different experience of course. I still have to get used to all these electronic features and fancy alarm!


What did your family say?

My grandson adores Minis. Whenever we drove in my old car we would always count Minis. He would ask me, “Grandma, how many have we seen so far?” The first time he saw my new Mini he was so excited he said, “Grandma that is soo wicked”. Sitting in the passenger seat of the Mini was like heaven to him.


What do you think about 

I think it is a fun and exciting auction site where you can get real bargains. Your timing has to be just right. You have be quite patient.


What is your bidding strategy on MadBid?
My strategy will remain a secret.


We would like to give you a MadBid T-Shirt for you to wear whilst driving you brand new Mini!
Thank you very much. This will be a very memorable moment in my life. The whole family will always remember it!

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