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Is MadBid a scam? Ask new Mini One Winner David from Essex

posted by Evelina

It’s not every day you can get a brand new Mini One for almost 90% off the RRP, but it happens more often than you might expect on

On the way home from cricket training with his family, David from Essex noticed the Mini auction had ended. He couldn’t remember if he had left his auto bid on or not while he was out and just figured he had lost the auction.

When he later got home and found out he was the winner of a brand new Mini One for just £1,478.94, he ran straight to his wife to tell her the news. He had been bidding in secret, and as it turns out David doesn’t even have a licence! David calmly told his wife that he had won a Mini for her, and she took it as a joke. Unaware that her husband had been bidding in the auction, and having seen a Mini on the street earlier that day she’d commented “I would like that” in jest to her husband, she thought he was joking with her.

But it was no joke. After one year of participating in auctions on David can boast a few past wins, but even he was in shock over winning a new car. His bidding strategy for the auction was quite simple. After watching the auction for a while he thought he didn’t have a chance against some strong competitors, but then as he kept watching, he noticed some of the big bidders begin to withdraw and that’s when he stepped in and activated his auto bid.

David makes it look easy, but there is a lot of strategy that goes in to winning an auction. What advice does David have for new bidders? “Start out on the smaller auctions to build your confidence, and spend some time to learn the dynamics of the site and the strategies of your fellow bidders” said David.

David shows we are so MAD at that you don’t even need a licence to win a car! The brand new red Mini One David and his wife drove away in this month, is one of the 11 cars we have auctioned on the site since 2008. Cars are just one of the amazing prizes our users are winning. Click here to get amazing savings on all the latest gadgets including laptops, phones, camera, appliances, and even hard cash!

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