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Online Competitions: MadBid’s Winners win up to £100

posted by Evelina

If you love online competitions or simply fancy winning up to £100 worth of free credits to spend in MadBid auctions, we have a fun new competition for our auction winners!


If you are one of MadBid’s auction winners and you really love the site and could do with an extra credit boost, you can get it from us!


Here’s how it works: if you have just won an item on MadBid and waiting for its delivery, why not capture the moment when your product arrives on video and post it on Youtube (your face does not have to be in the video)? If your video clearly shows the product and it’s a cool product we will re-post it on our Facebook and Google+ pages and reward you 600 FREE credits, that’s over £50 worth of credits to spend on any MadBid auction. To enter, simply film the unpacking of the product you won and let us know when you won it and maybe even share a few bidding tips so new Madbidders know what to look out for. Post the link on MadBid’s Facebook and Google+ pages for your chance to win the free credits.


If you prefer taking pictures, you can also enter our free credits competition by capturing the moment when you receive your won item – the picture needs to feature both yourself and the product. When you are happy with your “winner’s pose” you can post it on MadBid’s Facebook and Google+ pages for your chance of getting free credits to use at any MadBid auction.


House Rules: no nudity or swear words, this is a family show! Pictures need to show both the winner and the product won at a MadBid auction. MadBid will select the winner by reposting the best picture or video: the best picture will win 400 free credits and the best video will win 600 free credits.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on Facebook or Google+.


What are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity, get involved and good luck!


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