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What are people winning on

posted by Evelina

What are other MadBidders winning on the site? We asked our users and this is what they had to say:

I won an Ipod Shuffle 2GB on 26/05/11. I won it for 64p, and I like the size of it; it’s very discreet. The sound is very clear through the earphones, it holds quite a lot of music, and it’s very easy to use.

I won a Sony PS3 for a total price of £18.43. What I like about the product is it’s a dvd/blu-ray player and upscales dvd’s to full hd quality. I was looking to buy a blu-ray player. So why not buy one that can also play games, browse the web, watch and record tv (with ps3’s add on play tv) It’s a great piece of equipment which can do so many things.

I won a Bijan Women Gift Set for 0.41p on and its retail value is £42.

I won a copy of Smackdown vs Raw 2011 for PS3 just for 25p. The thing I love most about it is that the game brings back childhood memories of watching wrestling late at night
– bigmacman

Hi Madbid!
On my first go at bidding I won a Restaurant Discount Card for £0.02!! I thought this would be useful as I am due to go on holiday in the UK shortly.

I won George Foreman Grill & Melt (£5.04), Restaurant Discount Card (£4.51) and 75 credits (£0.50). I think all the products on Madbid are very cheap and it was worth trying it.

Hi Madbid Team, I won a Morphy Richards Kettle for 90p and although I have not yet received it I am still excited about receiving my quality product at a quality price. Cheers!

I love Madbid because although you have to pay money for credits you can win a lot more, if you’re lucky, I had won £10, £25 and a restaurant card and the maximum amount of money I spent on was £20 so I would say to everyone that asks “is Madbid good…… have you tried it?” that it is a very good website and that if you are worried about losing your money, if you’re new, you get your money back on your first time buying credits.
– Fabtaste

On my first visit to the site I won 100 credits and have already used these to launch into my online entertainment!

I won £10.00 cash for only £0.01. I like the product because I made £9.99 profit!

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