MadBid donates for the Nepal Earthquake victim’s relief

Published 06-12-2022 | Updated 06-12-2022

Thousands of people were affected in a devastating 7.8 degree earthquake near Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu. According to reports there have been hundreds of deaths and thousands more injured. Furthermore, many people’s homes, public buildings, and even some hundred years old monuments were destroyed. Some 1.7 million kids require humanitarian assistance, and UNICEF is on the ground working to supply vital aid to kids and individuals.


The earthquake measuring at 7.8 on the Richter scale jolted Nepal’s worldwide-known capital city of Kathmandu less than a month ago. There were reports from all over the world about the significant amounts of damage that were taken, as well as the many casualties and injured. According to eye witnesses, the panic stricken people went out of their homes and into available grounds once the tremor was felt in the region.

Here at MadBid, we were very shocked by this incident. In fact, there happens to be a person amongst our personnel who was personally affected by the incident which is why we all shared his pain in these dark times.


People and organizations from all over the world have started up campaigns in order to try and bring as much relief as possible to all of the people who were affected by the devastating earthquake. Organisations such as ours publicly expressed their concern about this incident and we have set a goal for ourselves to help out as much as we can. People from all over the world have been affected by this earthquake because of their families being there for one reason or another, not just the people of the Nepal republic, as was our own staff.


Campaigns from companies all over the world have managed to provide some help to all the people who are in need. There has been a lot of attention as to what is happening with all of the people affected and everyone is concerned, which is why such campaigns have come to be enjoying a lot of popularity. For example, MadBid’s campaign enjoyed great success as we have managed to raise approximately £1000 thanks to the efforts of all the people working here. What’s more, we donated via the campaign of our staff member which is open to the public and anyone who is interested in providing some amount of money for the relief of the earthquake victims can visit the website and read up more about the campaign and take part 


The initiator of the campaign was the person of our staff who was personally affected by the tragic 2015 Nepal earthquake. Therefore, he makes sure that the money goes directly to youth clubs helping in the ground where it helps most. The economic effects that the earthquake has brought to Nepal are still to be determined so in our views every single pound counts. You can take part in the campaign today with as much as you can.


Even though this has been a major disaster, it can also serve as a good example of how humans are still caring and look for one another. Our company is just one of the many organizations from all over the world helping in the only possible way that we can – with donations. We share the opinion that now is the time to show that people still care for each other and help out as much as we can for the well-being of the victims and all of the affected by the earthquake.


It seems that many companies such as ours who have been personally affected by what happened during the Nepal earthquake have been extremely active in the campaigns for the relief of the victims. Our initial campaign was to gather money in a box across the office, but we thought that this would not be enough so we try to spread the word about the online campaign for everyone who is interested in helping out.

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