How Does MadBid Work? Is it Safe?

Published 24-01-2014 | Updated 07-10-2022

This year we want to hear from you, we want to know if you win, lose or buy from MadBid. This week we want to answer the question that we are faced with everyday by new customers, how does MadBid work?


Online shopping is becoming the norm, with John Lewis’s awesome click and collect service and Amazon’s rating system, more people are finding online shopping reliable. MadBid is a different way of shopping that is relatively new to the online shopping sphere and that is due to this term that we like to call ‘gamification’.


MadBid’s mission is to bring entertainment to shopping, we don’t want the simple click and buy method. We want our customers to have fun while buying their favourite products. We admit it hasn’t been easy finding the right balance between fun and value, but it’s our customers and their valuable feedback that has shaped the way MadBid works today.


For this blog entry we have decided to compile the top 5 questions asked by new customers and the answers to them;


1. Why do I have to purchase credits when I don’t know if I will get anything for my money?

Answer: We suggest you browse the website to see the price range products are listed. This will give you a good idea of the things you can buy on the website. When you purchase a credit package, your money is safe; you can have fun in the auctions and still use that money to purchase products you want if you don’t win.


2. What happens to my money if I don’t win an auction?

Answer: Simply click on the Earned Discount tab to see all your money there. You have two options now, browse through the Earned Discount section to purchase any product with your earned discount or save it. Every paid credit you place in the auctions will get saved there so over time you can have enough money to purchase products for free!


3. How do I know that the products on MadBid are real?

Answer: When you receive your products you should check to make sure none of the seals are broken and all the relevant warranties are in place. If you think your product has been opened before or damaged, simply contact [email protected] so our team can arrange another product to be shipped out.


4. How do I know bidders on MadBid are real?

Answer: has functions such as Sneak-a-Peek and also automatic ID checks to make sure that only one user has one account. The website is regularly monitored by independent bodies, from advertising standards agencies to BDO which is one of the largest accounting firms in the world. is also active in international markets; therefore if you see usernames that look unreadable or unfamiliar, they could be from another country.


5. How do I know the website is Safe? has over 4 million registered users and a very active customer service department. You can find contact details by simply going to one of our social media pages or the support section of the website. We are happy to talk through how the auctions work and answer any concerns you may have.


Here at MadBid we are passionate about the business model and the different ways it is making shopping more entertaining, we welcome feedback from customers on how to enhance the service we offer so feel free to get in touch here [email protected]

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