How to Get MadBid Credits

Published 17-01-2014 | Updated 07-10-2022

If you are wondering how to get  MadBid Credits to boost your firepower in auctions, fear not friends, we are going to list different ways you can get the extra credits you need to take on other madbidders in the MadBid auctions.


Remember, there is no rush….


The great thing about MadBid is that when one ipad auction closes, you have another one starting so you do not need to rush to top up your credits. Your credits also have quite a long expiry date so take your time, watch the auction closing prices so you know when to join the auction roughly (don’t leave it too close to the average closing price as you might miss out on a bargain).


Now for the extra credits you can get on MadBid, here are just 5 different places but for the most recent credit give-aways make sure to check MadBid’s social media channels.

5 ways to get MadBid Credits:

  1. The obvious choice is the MadBid BOGOF offers, they are scheduled weekly, sometimes even more regularly. Watch out for the code to double or even triple your credit amount.
  2. This seems to be the most popular option to get a quick credit boost. MadBid Treasure Boxes are filled with free credits that you can use to bid on your favourite products before using your paid credits. These are great for figuring out your bidding pattern and when you feel is the right time to place your bids.
  3. We admit we have been neglecting the little daily free credit treats in the Daily Free section of the tool bar, but we will be introducing new activities to give you free credits soon so keep an eye on the Daily Free section of the website.
  4. Earned Discount is also a great way to get your credits back. If you were bidding for the auction and you did not win, why not use all your paid credits in that auction to get more credits for free from the earned discount selection? This way you are ready to jump back into the auctions with more firepower.
  5. Now a lot of people don’t know about this feature, but if you are bidding carefully and know exactly how many credits you are using, then Rapid Recharge is  great for a sneaky credit boost. Not only does it pick up any promotional codes that are out there so you always get the best deal upon a purchase, but it gives you 10% extra free credits on every purchase AND every 5th credit top up is FREE.

Extra ways to get Free Credits.

You can usually find weekly credit give-aways on Facebook and Google Plus. There is a weekly competition on facebook that awards 150 Free MadBid credits. Also, check our Google Plus page where we have give-aways of 500 free credits for fun competitions and quirky surveys.

These are just a few ways you can ensure you have enough credits in your account to go for the bigger ticket items like an Apple Bundle or whatever tickles your fancy.


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